COMMSAL providing a metal structure for Areva (France)

24-10-2012 The multinational AREVA RENEWABLES, has new confidence in COMMSAL to provide more galvanized steel structure, stairs, railings and walkways built according to French standards. Due to the short delivery time required, the work is begun immediately. Also, we take care of the transportation management until AREVA facilities, Pierrelatte (Drôme, France).               Link to Areva web site.
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COMMSAL began construction of a steel structure to Gandesa (Tarragona)

25-06-2012 The last week COMMSAL began work for the construction of an industrial building in society "La Vinícola de Gandesa."
The structure is made of profile IPE gantries and was built on stainless steel tanks, eleven meters high, already existing
on site.
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A work done by COMMSAL selected for the "Biennale de Venecia 2012"

15-06-2012 The work says ESARDI (Escola d'Art i Disseny d'Amposta, Tarragona), will be part of the work chosen to reperesent the Catalan architectura and Balear Islands (in the project "Vogadors (Architectural Rowers)") in the next "Biennale de Venecia 2012" in Architecture.                     General photos of work:
                    Link to Fundación Arquía
                    Link to Hic et nunc
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COMMSAL ends the work done in the new plant of Oxígeno de Sagunto

04-06-2012 COMMSAL completed the work in the new plant "oxígeno de Sagunto, SL", a company belonging to Abello Linde Group and the Carburos Metálicos Group. COMMSAL completed the structural steel, roofing and facades, the latter with a system with metal trays, mineral wool and outside of the veneer sinusoidal. It lacks the finishing work, realize a few weeks.
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