Means of production

7000 m2 workshop with eight cranes. Machine Tech: band saws, drilling, punching and shearing, MIG, submerged arc, gas cutting. We also have our own fleet.

To better serve our customers, COMMSAL has sufficient resources and appropriate to fight against the work themselves with professionalism, platforms and scissor lifts, telescopic cranes, trucks, vans, generators, ...

We want to adapt to new technologies and market needs. To provide better service to our customers, we have a new machine submerged arc welding (which allows the realization despoutres) and two CNC machines for cutting and drilling of beams, plates, angles, etc.. Our whole system is supported by productive work with 3D design software (Tekla Structures). Our goal: to be able to adapt to any type of work.

For transport, we have five vans, two trucks of 3.500 kg and three tractor trailers. (A 12.50 m, 12.50 m of a gondola and a stretch of 20m). Moreover, if the work requires special delivery, we can do with our trucks. Both trucks have a built-in crane (21 tons and 30 tons respectively) for easy loading and unloading of equipment and installation.

During assembly, we have platforms that provide good performance and allow to obtain the safety of our staff. 2 platforms Scissor lift (15m. And 18m.) and 3 telescopic platform (2 with 16m and 1 with 18m).